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Alison Connorton

I have been attending Zoe’s Pilates classes for nearly 5 years now and while I always knew they were making a positive difference to my core strength and flexibility, it was not until I fractured my pelvis a couple of months ago that I realized just how beneficial Zoe’s sessions have been. In the early stages of recovery, I would not even have been able to sit up unassisted had it not been for all the core strength building that is a key element of Zoe’s teaching. Additionally, the improved upper body, spine and leg strength gained from Pilates put me streets ahead in terms of getting back on my feet and regaining mobility. Interestingly, many of the recommended exercises for pelvic fracture recovery are the same as basic Pilates exercises so returning to class is aiding my ongoing rehabilitation. I can honestly say my Pilates training has been a godsend. Thanks Zoe!

Angie E

I have been going to Pilates for 3 months and l am noticing a change within my body. I’m stronger and beginning to become more flexible! I’m also starting to get an awareness of how my body works. Zoe is an excellent teacher, working with us as a class and also as individuals. I highly recommend her classes.

Sarah P

I have experienced chronic back pain for a number of years and more recently started to have leg cramps at night. Since starting to do Pilates with Zoe two months ago I have found that both conditions have improved. I have not had to take pain killers for my back for a month. I’m quite amazed at how quickly I have benefited from Pilates. Zoe makes you feel welcome from the very first class and adapts the exercises to suit each person in the class. The atmosphere of the classes is relaxed and friendly. I always come out of my Pilates class feeling that I have benefited mentally as well as physically. Thanks Zoe!

Joan B.

With a history of Osteoporosis, Pilates was recommended to me as a suitable form of exercise. For many months before starting Zoe’s classes I was experiencing severe hip pain on a daily basis which also regularly disrupted my sleep at night. After only a few weeks I immediately noticed the impact the sessions were making to my everyday life, the pain ceased! Learning how my body works, the importance of strengthening both sides of the body to avoid over compensating on one particular side, along with developing good posture and core strength is having a very beneficial effect.
Zoe is an excellent teacher, very approachable, knowledgeable and patient. She is genuinely interested in the individual needs and abilities of everyone within the group, making every session enjoyable.

Anna Wright

“I truly wish I had discovered Pilates years ago. Despite seeming like gentle exercise it has had a noticeable impact on my posture, shape and suppleness. Not only this but I actually enjoy it – Zoe is an excellent teacher and great fun – I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her classes”

Dymphna Callery

‘A year ago I was unable to drive and barely able to sit following a back injury. Now I have the strength and confidence to dig my new garden thanks to Zoe’s classes. I’ve done Pilates before but Zoe is the best teacher I’ve come across. She enables you to get right inside every movement so you build awareness of how your body works. There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach as she pays attention to each individual – a real bonus in a group class. I highly recommend working with Zoe.’

Paul K

“After a lifetime of niggly back problems I finally tried Pilates. Working with Zoe has significantly improved my core strength and solved my back problem, as well as giving me greater flexibility and improved posture.”

Joyce Ward

‘This gentle exercise has helped me maintain and improve flexibility and core strength, and one day I will be able to do a sit-up unaided. I can’t do vigorous exercise but I love the classes and leave feeling invigorated.’

Christine Whittle

I am really enjoying the pilates classes with Zoe and since January I have seen a great improvement in my body movement and strength.
It is a delight to exercise in the studio at Sutton Farm and the time just flies by in every class.
I recently went for a health assessment and the nurse was most impressed to hear that I had taken up pilates.
Thank you for organising such a lovely class and for making it so enjoyable and worthwhile.

Fran Wainwright

“My Zest for Pilates classes with Zoe have made a real difference to my core strength and lower back pain. I feel I am learning how to practice Pilates safely and I feel energised by the end of each session. Zoe is patient, enthusiastic and knowledgeable, customising exercises for individuals as appropriate. I have done Pilates before but no instructor has taken the time to understand my chronic back problems like Zoe. I feel safe in her hands and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as a Pilates teacher.”

J Granger

“Zoe pays great attention to each person in the class, taking time to understand our specific needs and ailments, so each week we all leave feeling real benefits. She’s an excellent teacher, and manages to challenge us with her calm and humorous approach. Absolutely recommend giving it a go.”

Sally Bozman

“Zoe has been giving me private Pilates lessons for a while now. I am really enjoying my sessions with Zoe, she is a joy to work with. She is very diligent in getting you to do the exercises properly so that you do not endanger yourself in any way. I come away from my time with Zoe feeling like I have had a thorough workout, challenging my coordination & helping to build my core strength which is a priority for me as I suffer with lower back pain. I always feel rejuvenated at the end of our hour together, I feel refreshed & I feel I walk tall from our class.”

P. Weavers

Due to a brain lesion in 1995, I gained a left- sided nerve/muscle weakness. Since starting Pilates with Zoe, I have noticed a marked improvement in the whole left side of my body, particularly in my arm. I am aware that I am strengthening and using the left side more often and I am conscious that I have increased mobility of, particularly, my arm and wrist.

Ann Savage

“I thought Zoe’s session was very good indeed. It all flowed very seamlessly and I really appreciated the attention she gave us all too. She is also such an affable, as well as professional, young woman.”

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