How many people are in a class?
Up to 12 people in classes thereby enabling Zoe to check on individuals to ensure they are working safely and correctly.
What should I wear for a Pilates class?
Wear something that you feel comfortable in and that you can move easily in without restriction, for example leggings and a t-shirt , and wear socks or come bare foot.
Do I need to bring any equipment to a class?
No. All equipment is provided for you. If you are new to a class, just bring your completed Enrolment form.
I have never done Pilates before; can I join a group class?
Before joining a class it is advisable to have a private session to ensure that you are safe and ready to join an existing class. During the session you will learn the Pilates fundamentals of aligning, breathing and centring, and Zoe will assess you to see what class would be best for you to join.
Is Pilates suitable for men?
Yes, certainly. All classes are open to male clients, too. Pilates works to restore good postural alignment and correct muscle imbalances common to both genders. Men can gain the same benefits that women can too.
I have problems with my back, can Pilates help me?
Pilates helps to strengthen core muscles which support your back. Physiotherapists, osteopaths and other health professionals recommend it but always check with your doctor or health professional first if you are unsure.
How do I enrol?
Please contact Zoe at zoe@zestforpilates.co.uk or telephone her on 07546 146 246. She will be able to advise you about which class may be best for you to attend.
I can't fill out my Enrolment Form online
Open your Enrolment Form.Click the right hand button at the top of the form that says ‘Open with a different viewer’. You should now be able to type information onto the new form and mail it back to Zoe.

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