About Zoe

Pilates is for everyone. My goal is to offer Pilates to local people so that they can experience the many benefits that it has brought me over the years. Whether you want to compliment your current training programme; rehabilitate from an injury; or generally feel fitter, stronger and more toned, Pilates can enhance your life.

I decided to try Pilates because, like many people who have to work at a desk for long periods during their working lives, I developed poor posture and associated muscle tension and tightness through my back and neck. One day I bent down, and couldn’t get up because of a searing pain in my lower back. My doctor suggested that I needed to exercise to strengthen my core muscles to help support my back, so I took up Pilates.

After each class the feeling of vitality was wonderful. After only a few sessions I began to feel stronger and learnt how to move my body to improve movement patterns and release tension, therefore giving that sense of well-being that becomes so addictive. Having been a teacher for more than 15 years, I enjoyed sharing knowledge and helping people to learn, and decided that I wanted to share this experience with others so they could feel the benefits too.

I trained with the Body Control Pilates (BCP) Association because I feel it is the best! It is Europe’s foremost professional Pilates organisation founded in 1995. Its mission is to bring the benefits of this exercise method to everyone. Their exercises are based closely on Joseph Pilates’ original teaching, approaching the exercises in a progressive way to make them safer and more accessible to the average (and not so average!) body. Body Control Pilates is a world leader in training Pilates instructors, and their initial mat work teacher training is probably the most comprehensive qualification of its kind available. We must work to a strict Code of Practice and undertake continuous professional development in order to be fully conversant with the latest methods of teaching Pilates.

When I completed my training I set up Zest for Pilates and now offer Pilates classes to people in Wolverhampton and its surrounding areas. Come along to Zest for Pilates, we provide friendly class environments. Start to feel fitter and move better and enhance your life with Pilates.

Additional Recent Pilates Professional Development

BCP Advanced Matwork Course
BCP Intermediate Matwork Course
BCP Evolution Matwork Course
BCP Pregnancy Pre and Post Courses
BCP Bone Health (osteoporosis) Course

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